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Important Questions about Curtain Cleaning

When it comes to cleaning, curtains are often overlooked. Well, it is hard not to forget about them when all they do is hang quietly next to the window. That is namely why they can be a main allergy trigger in a home because, just like a carpet or a table, they too can get dusty and dirty. What is more, the poisons, dirt and smells they pick up will not disappear on their own and can pose many health risks. That is why similar to any other part of your home, they need to be cleaned. Here are a few questions that you are probably asking yourself already.

How often should curtains be cleaned?

When your drapes become visibly dusty, it means that they should have been washed a long time ago. Do not wait to see signs of dirt on them. Instead, clean them four times a year. That means – every 12 weeks. In that way, you will kill off the bacteria, bad smells and grime before they become a threat to your health. In some cases, you may need to wash your drapes even on a more frequent basis. That generally depends on the area in which you live. For instance, if your house or flat is located close to the beach or a main road, you will have to reduce the intervals between the separate cleanings. The same goes if you suffer from an allergy or if you are a smoker.

Which one is better – washing or dry cleaning?

Dry cleaning does not always work well on curtains, especially if they are grimy or if they have not been sanitised for a long time. That is because this method will not take out the dirt from the fabrics. Also, it is not effective if you want to remove mould from them. Washing is a more preferred technique, but it is not a universal solution as it cannot be used on all kinds of drapes. For example, washed heavy curtains will take ages before they dry. As a result, they are usually steam cleaned. Silk drapes, on the other hand, will be completely destroyed by cleaning chemicals or water, which means they can only be vacuumed. If, however, you have light drapes, using the washing machine will not be a mistake. When the curtain is made from more delicate materials like chiffon, cotton or lace, wash it by hand.

How to clean mould from your curtains?

Removing mould from drapes is a tricky task. Even though you can buy products like stain solutions or mould removers, they can end up to be too aggressive for the fabric of the curtains. A home-made cleaning solution can also have a similar effect. So, if you want to play it safe, consider hiring professional cleaners Monster Cleaning Cheshunt for this job.

A Few Final Tips

Do not dry the drapes in a drying machine. Hang them outside. Also, to keep them cleaner for longer, avoid smoking in the room and ventilate it as often as you can.

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