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How to Safely Clean Stuffed Animals?

Cleaning stuffed animals is easy, however, you need to know how to do it properly. Perhaps, you have already performed these chores by throwing the stuffed animals in your washing machine – and, unfortunately, they probably came out in a terrible condition.

In order to properly clean them without any damage so that your kid doesn’t cry the entire day because their favourite toy is ruined, I will teach you how to still use your washing machine but avoid all risks of damage.

How to Safely Clean Stuffed Animals?

Before we get to the actual cleaning, I recommend you check the stuffed animal for any tears or loose stitching because you would want to fix those before you get to cleaning.

Once you fix these issues, grab a mesh bag or a pillowcase because you would want to place the stuffed animal inside to prevent the washing machine to damage the toy. I also recommend you wash the stuffed animal by itself – just place it inside the mesh bag or the pillowcase, tie it well so it doesn’t open during the cycle, and throw it in the washing machine.

Only use a gentle cycle and also don’t add too much laundry detergent or fabric softener – after all, the toy will be the only thing inside the appliance so you don’t need too much liquid.

When the cycle is complete, take the toy outside of the pillowcase and place it in a sunny area so it dries quicker. If it’s warm outside, I also recommend placing it out on your balcony and just forgetting about it for a few hours until it’s nice and dry.

Do not use your dryer because it will for sure damage the toy.