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How To Remove Pee Stains And Bad Odour From A Mattress

I have two dogs – and I remember how difficult it was for me to train them where to go pee which meant that for quite some time they would pee where they weren’t supposed to – for example, on my bed. This left stains and pretty bad odours that I didn’t want on my mattress – so I had to figure out a way to get rid of both the stains and the odour.

After researching and talking to friends, I came to the conclusion that this wasn’t a difficult task – in fact, I just needed to use a few natural ingredients and both the stain and the smell will be gone!

What You Need?

You have to prepare baking soda, liquid dish soap, hydrogen peroxide, and your favourite essential oil. Of course, the essential oil is not necessary, however, it will help with the odour so I recommend it. I usually use lavender because it has antibacterial properties!

Add all ingredients to a spray bottle then gently spin the bottle so everything can mix.

Then remove all sheets from your mattress and spray the stained areas with your DIY stain remover! And then you will just wait for your mattress to dry. You won’t have to scrub or rub the area – the mixture will do all the work for you! The hydrogen peroxide and the liquid soap will get rid of the stain while the baking soda and essential oil will take care of the odour!

Once the area is completely dry, grab your vacuum cleaner so you can get rid of the baking soda – and that’s it. Your mattress will be spotless without any trace of the pee (and the bad smell)!