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How To Remove Old Stains And Smells From Your Mattress?

Discovering a stain on your mattress can be a huge nightmare especially if you have a mattress cover that you take off once every few months. Yes, technically mattress covers are supposed to protect your mattress from stains, however, sometimes they tend to leak and this is when a stain will form. This is why I highly recommend you switch your mattress cover to a waterproof one!

When you have no idea when did this stain happened, removing it can be pretty challenging – but don’t worry too much about it because I am here to show you how to get rid of not only stains but also bad odours!

Here Is How To Do It!

First, start off with preparing all the ingredients you will need – a spray bottle, hydrogen peroxide, some baking soda, liquid dish soap, vacuum cleaner, and your favourite essential oil! I recommend using lavender or tea tree because they have antibacterial properties!

Add a cup of hydrogen peroxide with 3 tablespoons of baking soda, a few drops of liquid dish soap, and a few drops of the essential oil in a spray bottle.

Mix well then spray over the affected area. You want to soak and saturate the stain so don’t hold back when spraying.

Then just let the area air-dry. You can also place the mattress in the sun so it dries quicker.

And finally, just vacuum up the baking soda and you are done – the stains and the bad odour should both be removed!