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How To Make Scented Vinegar?

Do you enjoy making your own cleaners by simply following the DIY recipes you find on the internet? I know I do, I even consider it a hobby of mine. I enjoy saving money while using natural ingredients and avoiding those commercial cleaners that are packed with harsh chemicals.

One of the most important ingredients that are commonly found in almost any DIY cleaner out there is vinegar. Of course, vinegar is an amazing cleaner and disinfectant that will leave any surface spotless, however, there is one huge downfall – the smell. That horrible scent is probably the reason why so many people avoid making their all-purpose cleaner. Thankfully, today I will teach you exactly how to get rid of that smell – it’s simple!

The Answer Is Scented Vinegar!

If you have tried to add a few drops of essential oils to vinegar you know that this technique doesn’t really work. In fact, it doesn’t work at all and it won’t mask the vinegar smell. What you need to do instead is infuse the vinegar with different herbs and make scented vinegar!

How To Make Scented Vinegar?

Prepare a large mason jar or any other container that has a lid on it. Then, the most important part is to prepare different herbs, citrus peels, and/ or dried flowers. These things will infuse the vinegar with its scent!

I love using mint leaves, orange and lemon peels, as well as fresh rosemary. Picking out what you want the vinegar to smell like is the fun part and you can choose to make any combination! Be creative and have fun with it!

After you decided which herbs and citrus peels you will use, place them in the mason jar then pour as much vinegar as the container will fit. Next, place the lid and leave the jar for a few days so the vinegar has time to infuse. I would suggest waiting 3-4 days but if you aren’t in a rush you can leave it for a week.