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How To Easily Remove Paint From Glass?

If you recently renovated your home and you painted the walls then you are most likely dealing with leftover paint all over your windows and mirrors. This can be super frustrating because no matter how hard you try to avoid applying paint on glass surfaces, you still end up leaving a huge mess behind. I know that this task may seem pretty difficult and time-consuming, however, I am here to reassure you that there is indeed a pretty easy way to get rid of paint from glass – and today I am going to show you how to do it!

How To Easily Remove Paint From Glass?

Start off by filling a bucket with warm water. Also, make sure to add liquid dish soap in there.

Then soak a towel or a cloth in the mixture then clean the window. You won’t remove any paint with this, however, you will wipe away any impurities and dirt which will make the paint removal easier. Make sure you rinse the windows with clear water before skipping to the next step.

Prepare a hand-held razor blade – you will scrap the paint off the glass with it. I have tried plenty of other removal methods, however, this seems to be the easiest one. Make sure you hold the blade at a 45-degree angle for the best results.

And finally, once you are done, and you have removed all paint simply wipe the window with a rag – and that’s it!