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How to Easily Remove Cherry Stains From Your Carpet?

My favourite fruit is indeed cherries but unfortunately, they leave behind very stubborn stains when you accidentally drop them on clothes or on the floor. And the floor in my kitchen happens to be carpeted so you can imagine how messy it gets every time I eat cherries.

This means that by now I am a professional at getting rid of cherry stains – and I want to teach you how I do it!

How to Easily Remove Cherry Stains From Your Carpet?

When you drop cherries on your carpet and they make a big mess, you need to lift as much excess as possible. Do this with a dull knife so you can scoop the solid pieces and make sure you do not apply pressure nor you wipe, rub, or scrub – you don’t want to drive the stain further!

When you lift the solids, you also want to blot the area so you soak up moisture with a paper towel or a white cloth.

Of course, the next step includes treating the stain. Mix a teaspoon of dishwashing detergent with two cups of warm water, dip a cloth in there, and start blotting the affected area. After blotting a few times, check the cloth because the cherry dye will have transferred over to the cloth. Continue blotting until no more dye is being transferred.

Next, you have to rinse the area so you remove the soapy water. I like to do this by dampening a cloth and then blotting the stained area for a few minutes.

Now determine whether the stain was successfully removed or it’s still present. If it wasn’t removed, you have to try something much stronger – oxygen bleach. Dilute it in cold water, dip a sponge in the mixture and then start treating the stain. Of course, don’t apply too much of the mixture because you don’t want to saturate the area. Let it sit for an hour so the bleach has time to work its magic and then rinse again.

Once the stain is removed and you have rinsed the area, allow it to air-dry then vacuum the carpet so you can fluff the fibers.