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How To Deep Clean Your Dishwasher With A Steam Cleaner?

We all know how important maintaining our kitchen appliances spotless is. After all, it’s the only way to ensure they have a long lifespan, are free of any germs, and perform well.

When you don’t clean your appliances, they have a huge chance of performing terribly then, over time, breaking down – and the last thing you want is for these appliances that you use on regular basis to have a short lifespan, right? No one wants to spend money on replacing them which is why I am going to show you how I deep clean my dishwasher – one of the most important things in my kitchen after my oven!

And I know what you are thinking – using a steam cleaner for your dishwasher… I know it sounds weird, however, it makes the cleaning so much easier especially when the appliance is really dirty!

How To Deep Clean Your Dishwasher With A Steam Cleaner?

Start off with pouring water into your steam cleaner. I usually like using distilled water instead of tap water, however, if you don’t have that right now – just fill it with tap water, it’s not a problem! I wait for a few minutes so that the machine can heat up the water and then I start cleaning.

I steam the door first – both inside and out! You will notice that the steam will loosen up all of the impurities and the stain – which is amazing and will save you a lot of time (and hours of scrubbing). Once I am done with the door, I grab paper towels and simply wipe everything so I can remove all the impurities.

Then I continue with steaming the inside of the appliance. I focus on any stains since they are harder to remove. Don’t spend too much time on the interior because we will run a cycle with vinegar so the rest of the impurities can get washed away. Once you are happy with the result, wipe with paper towels.

Then grab the vinegar – it will tackle not only the residue but the hard water stains as well. I pour the liquid in a cup then place it on the top rack. If the appliance is extremely dirty then I also recommend you pour baking soda on the bottom rack – and then just run a hot cycle.

And just like that, you now have a spotless dishwasher. I like to do this once a month just to keep everything clean!