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How To Clean Your Bathroom In Under 15 Minutes?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could clean your bathroom quickly – without wasting any of your free time? What if I told you that I clean my bathroom in under 15 minutes? If you are interested and you want to know how I do it then keep on reading because I share all my secrets in this article!

How To Clean Your Bathroom In Under 15 Minutes?

Now, the first thing I want you to know is that I clean my bathroom once a week – usually, each Monday. That way, there aren’t a lot of impurities and soap scum build-up which are harder to remove. I make sure I keep my bathroom as clean as possible at all times so each week I can easily spend only 15 minutes for the cleaning.

Another tip I have is to gather all of your cleaning supplies and place them in the bathroom so you don’t have to run around searching for different cleaners and sponges while you are cleaning. You simply pile up everything you need and start performing the cleaning! I use a few microfiber cloths, a glass cleaner, a disinfectant (or a bathroom cleaner), baking soda, a toilet cleaner (sometimes I only use vinegar so if you don’t have a toilet cleaner around you then stick to using vinegar, it works great).

I always start with the mirrors. I quickly spray them with my glass cleaner then wipe them with my microfiber cloth.

Then it’s time to cover the sink, the bathtub, the toilet, and the shower. I simply spray everything with my disinfectant then wait a few minutes so it has time to work and actually get rid of all bacteria. A lot of people make the mistake of spraying disinfectant and wiping it immediately which is very wrong. Disinfectants are supposed to be left for a few minutes before wiped so they have time to remove the bacteria.

Then I pour vinegar into my toilet, grab the toilet brush and scrub the walls. Once I am done, I flush!

And just like that, my bathroom is spotless – and I didn’t spend more than 15 minutes cleaning it!