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Do you need more space in your fridge? Use chopsticks or plates.

Here is one scenario – you open your fridge because you need to put something in there and a huge surprise is waiting for you. The surprise? There is absolutely no space left in there.

And what do you do? You start rearranging everything so that you can hopefully fit it all together. But regardless of what you do there is just no space. Of course, if all of the bowls and containers that are inside of your fridge have lids you can kind of stack them but in my case – I have very few that are with lids.

So here is an amazing trick you can use if you have found yourself in the same situation

With chopsticks, you can easily stack bowls and containers that do not have lids on them. Simply break apart chopstick sticks, place them on top of the bowl and put the second bowl on top. Amazing, right?

A second trick

The previous trick using chopsticks is very creative and smart. But let’s say that you do not have chopsticks around your home and you are in a rush – you need to place everything in the fridge and go. You can use a plate instead of chopsticks. Simply grab a plate, place it on top of the bowl and put the second one on top. This trick is also great when you want the food to be fresher for longer.