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Do cleaning products have an expiration date?

Every household has a wide range of different cleaning products… and a lot of the times they have been sitting on the shelves for a long time. I mean, how often are you actually cleaning your home and how often are you using them? Exactly!

Yes, cleaning products do expire

As weird as it sounds, it is true. Of course, they won’t go bad but they will lose their potency and efficacy.

A great example is a bleach. Every household has a bleach that is open. It’s something that no one uses on a daily basis, therefore, the product simply sits there. You need to throw away bleach six months to a year after you first open it.

Other products that are used as disinfectants will also lose their efficacy over time.

Despite this fact, cleaning products like glass cleaners have a long shelf life – up to two years in some cases.

How should you dispose of an expired cleaning product?

So if a cleaning product has already expired then you need to get rid of it but what is the best way to do it? You need to be careful since there are some toxic formulas out there that you can’t simply pour down the drain.

Usually, a cleaning product will have instructions on the back on how to dispose of it. Make sure you pay attention to those instructions and follow them strictly.

If you want to get rid of several products and it is said that you can safely pour them down the drain you still need to be careful and never mix them. As you know, many cleaning or disinfecting products should never be mixed when cleaning. You should follow those rules when you are disposing of them as well.