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Cleaning tile grout: the only guide you need

Are you interested in learning how to clean tile grout? Noticed that little black spots have appeared and you are wondering how to get rid of them. These spots are called mildew and they can turn into a risk for your health especially when you are breathing in the same room that they are in.

I am not a huge fan of products that contain harsh chemicals and can leave a residue behind that can be bad for your health as well. That’s why I recommend the usage of natural items that you probably even already have in your home.

Use bleach to clean

This is probably the harshest chemical cleaner that I am going to tell you to use. If you are going to use bleach always make sure you open the windows.

The first way you can clean tile grout is by grabbing a toothbrush and dipping it in the bleach and proceeding with scrubbing the dirt.

Another thing you can do is mix bleach and baking soda. You should create a paste that you should apply to the grout and let it sit for a while.

Use baking soda and vinegar

If you do not want to use bleach you can always make a mixture of baking soda and vinegar. Apply the paste with a toothbrush while you scrub with it.

Let it sit for a while and rinse with clean water.

If you aren’t happy with the results you can repeat as many times as possible.

How to clean the grout in the shower

This can be a bit tricky for you and a little bit hard to do. The first thing you should do is run hot water in the shower so that you can create steam.

After doing that, you can choose any of the methods I have listed above, just replace the toothbrush for a small brush.

Provided by: Monster Cleaning