Around Town Cleaning Show

Clean hard-to-reach places using cotton swabs

Cotton swabs are great for cleaning hard-to-reach places that normally you don’t even bother cleaning. Not leaving a tiny spot in your home disinfected and cleaned is very important for your health especially with the coronavirus that has left us all fearful.

Germs are everywhere – both in your home and in your car. It is up to you to clean them properly and not miss a spot.

Be creative with your cleaning and start using Q-tips to disinfect and clean parts of your home that you normally don’t know how to reach.

I am going to give you two examples – in your home and in your car. You spend a lot of time in both and cleaning them is your job.

– Clean your electronics using cotton swabs

Huge news lately has been cleaning phones, laptops, keyboards, and other electronics that usually carry a lot of bacteria and are rarely cleaned. Using cotton swabs for disinfecting them is a great method.

You touch them a lot but you never clean them, am I right? For example, when was the last time you cleaned in between the keys of the keyboard of your laptop or computer? If your answer is never then get up, grab a cotton swab, a cleaning product, and start wiping.

– Clean the interior in your car using cotton swabs

Do you clean your car on your own? If you do then you must wonder how can you clean accumulated dirt and dust the small areas that you don’t know how to reach. For example, use cotton swabs to clean the buttons for the window, the vents, the gear shift, the handles, etc. All of these places carry bacteria and it’s up to you to clean and disinfect them properly.