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A Recipe For A Homemade Glass Cleaner Provided By Experts

Just imagine how incredible it would be if you could achieve spotless windows and mirrors with just a few natural ingredients? Without any streaks, marks, or stains left behind on the surface…

Well, it turns out that all of the above is quite possible – and I even have an incredible recipe for a DIY glass cleaner that the cleaning technicians over at provided me!

Of course, I am going to share how to do it yourself as well so I am not the only one benefiting from this recipe! So if you want to learn how to clean your mirrors or windows easily then keep on reading – you will save both money and time!

A Recipe For A Homemade Glass Cleaner Provided By Experts

You need four ingredients you already have at home – filtered water, cornstarch, rubbing alcohol, and white vinegar!

If you don’t have filtered water go for distilled water but make sure you DO NOT use tap water because it will leave streaks and spots behind.

Now, grab a clean spray bottle and add a cup of water (but make sure it’s hot so the other ingredients can mix easily). Continue with adding half a tablespoon of cornstarch, 1/8 a cup of rubbing alcohol, and 1/8 a cup of white vinegar. Close the bottle and shake well until the cornstarch has mixed and there is no powder sitting on the bottom.

And that’s it – you now have my favourite glass cleaner in the whole world! It’s easy, cheap, and effective. I also recommend you shake the bottle before each use. I like to use a microfiber cloth rather than paper towels because they can leave streaks behind – and we don’t want that, right?

I am certain you are going to love the results. I use this cleaner on any glass surface – from windows to mirrors. Sometimes, I even use it as an all-purpose cleaner due to the rubbing alcohol that’s in it (after all, it’s the best disinfectant)!